Gift Vouchers

By investing in MIB Professional Driving Lessons you are showing your loved ones how much you care about their safety and that you want them to grow into a responsible young adult.┬áHaving a license is not just about driving. It’s about freedom and independence and with these comes the responsibility of being a safe driver.

To facilitate this and as a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift, gift vouchers are available for any amount and the date of use is flexible.

Now you may be wondering how many lessons do/should I purchase. As a rule of thumb, if we have a student with no hours or minimal driving experience and who wants to learn to drive an automatic, I find 3 lessons is a good average. For a manual car, add 1 or 2 more lessons. If you give them another 1 or 2 lessons, I will be able to pass on 10 years of driver instructing experience .

Feel free to call and discuss your needs on 0407 976 986.